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Harmony Dance Ensemble


Harmony Dance Ensemble (H.D.E.) is a dance company comprised of intermediate and advanced level students ranging in age from 10-18.  Harmony Dance Ensemble is designed to allow dancers the experience of performing more frequently throughout the year in addition to the annual end-of-year dance concert in June.  H.D.E. participates in local dance conventions, competitions, community events, and performances.  The ensemble members must audition into the company, and maintain several requirements in order to remain active.

Requirements to participate in Harmony Dance Ensemble:

1.  Dancers must be between the ages of 10-18 and a student at Harmony Dance Center.

2.  Dancers must be enrolled in a Ballet class  and at least 2 other styles of dance (including but not limited to Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, etc.) at Harmony Dance Center and have shown proficiency in technique, artistry, and performance.  Pointe does not count as an additional dance style.

3.  Dancers must successfully pass the audition and gain acceptance into the company.  Auditions were held on Sunday, October 15th, for the 2023-24 School Year.

4.  Once accepted into the company, dancers must pay an entry fee of $125 for the first year (this fee includes their HDE warm-up jacket and custom HDE t-shirt which is a required uniform for all events and competitions), and a $50 fee for each subsequent year involved in the company.*

5. Monthly Rehearsal Dues of $50 will be applied to HDE dancers' accounts, due along with regular class tuition on the first of each month.  These fees are necessary in order to pay instructors and choreographers for their time.

6.  Dance Ensemble members and their parents must sign the company policy acknowledgement form and adhere to its rules.

7.  Dancers must attend company rehearsal regularly and without excessive absences.  Rehearsals are once each week (SATURDAYS 5-6pm or SUNDAYS 4-8pm, depending on age) from November until the June Recital.

8.  All Dancers must participate in all scheduled events/trips, conventions, and competitions.

9.  Dancers will be selected to compete in the spring dance competition.  Competition casting is determined at the audition and is influenced by attendance in regular classes, technical proficiency, performance ability, maturity, and professionalism.  Competition dances will be included in the Recital.  Entry Fees for competition will be announced on an event-by-event basis.