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"MOVE WITH ME" Toddler and Caregiver Song & Dance (6 months - 3 years old) - This seasonal class allows toddler and parent/caregiver some fun bonding time through music, movement, and laughs!  Sing-a-long songs and motor skill development using with props like scarves, bean bags, tambourines, maracas, and more make this class a hit!  Don't forget bubble fun at the end of class. **Non-recital class.  (30 minutes).

Children's Combination Classes (3-4 Years Old) - This 40 minute creative movement class is designed to get your little prince or princess moving with movement geared toward play and exploration along with the basics of Ballet and Tap dance.  Scarves, bean bags, wands, tambourines, maracas, and rhythm sticks, are used in class to enhance fun and the joy of dance!  Students must be potty trained.  (40 minutes)

Children's Combination Classes (5-6 Years Old) - Students have the option of choosing Ballet/Tap Combo, Ballet/Jazz Combo, or Hip Hop/Acro Combo class. (50 minutes each combo class)

Ballet (Ages 7+)  - An art form that originated in Italy, and later developed in France, Russia, and beyond!  Ballet is the foundation of dance.  It allows the dancer to get a solid understanding of the body.  There are several different techniques of ballet including: The Vaganova/Russian Method and The Cecchetti/French Method.   (Class time varies:  50 min. - 75 min.)

Pointe (Ages 11+) - An extension of ballet technique for women, Pointe allows the dancer to execute the technical steps of ballet dance in Pointe (or on "toe").  This class requires advanced training in ballet and requires instructor approval in order to enroll in the class.  Beginner through Level III Pointe students must also be enrolled in a separate Ballet class.  (45 minutes)

Modern / Contemporary (Ages 7+) - Developed in America as a departure from classical ballet, modern dance incorporates technique with more pedestrian movement.  Contemporary can be considered a fusion of modern and lyrcial dance with barefeet or dance socks.  (50 minutes)

Jazz (Ages 7+) - This style of dance spans between Broadway/Musical Theater Jazz and Pop/Funk Jazz Styles.  The music is upbeat in tempo and the class moves at a fast pace.  (50 minutes)

Hip Hop (Ages 7+) - Street styles and urban inspired movement and music keep this class groovin'.  Much attention and emphasis is on isolation of the body, grounded movement, and personal flair.  Music is screened for inappropriate lyrics.*  (50 minutes)

Tap (Ages 7+) - Create your own sounds and rhythm with your feet in tap class!  This style ranges from traditional tap dance to rhythm tap.  (50 minutes)

Acro (Ages 7+) - Beginner level Acro class teaches skills including proper warm-up and conditioning, forward and backward rolls, cart wheels, hand-stands, ariels, and other basic Acro elements.  *Instructor is certified  through Acrobatic Arts. (50 minutes)

*Harmony Dance Ensemble (H.D.E.) - H.D.E. is a performance company open to advanced students ages 10+ years of age.  Rehearsals are Sundays each week 4-8pm.  Audition is required. 

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